Box 10 Sterile Scalpels No. 20


Number 20 Disposable Scalpel, fully sterile and individually packaged

Supplied in a box of 10 units with blade and handle.
The blade is made of carbon steel, the handle is plastic and has a total length of 160 mm.

Certificate CE 0434

6,78 €

(5,60 € tax excl.)

Product Type Scalpels, Handles & Blades
Material Carbon Steel and Plastic
Length - Long 160 mm
Sterilization Sterilized Product - Sterile
Sale Box of 10 units

Sterile Disposable Scalpel No20

The scalpel is a very sharp knife for making fine and precise cuts. It has a wide range of uses, among which the sanitary and biological areas stand out, such as in surgical operations, anatomical dissections and autopsies.

The bistoury is available in various sizes and shapes. The model will be selected according to the task to be performed, for example, type of tissue and accessibility of the same.

It is composed of two elements: blade and handle. The handle can be made of different materials and can be fixed or removable.

Scalpel Blade Model

Modelo hoja bisturi

This scalpel is made of carbon steel so the blade is extremely sharp and requires very little pressure to make a precise cut.

They are supplied in a box of 10 units, totally sterile by means of gamma radiation and individually packaged.

Composition of the blade:
Carbon steel type T10A (GB/T 1298-1986) 0.96 % Carbon
< 0.21% Manganese
< 0.05% Chrome
< 0.24% Silica
< 0.008% Phosphorus
< 0.009 % Sulphur
< 0.03% Nickel and
< 0.11% Copper

Hardness: 750-770 HV (Vickers scale).

Standard:  UNE-EN ISO 13485:2018

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