Chemical Solid-Stem Thermometer -20°C to 150°C


Ecological Precision Glass-Thermometer for Laboratory -20°C to +150°C with graduation interval of 1°C

The graduation is printed on the solid rod and with clear view of the measurement by the contrast between the red of the liquid on a yellow background.

It has a ring to hold the thermometer.

The length of the thermometer is 300 mm and the minimum immersion length is 76 mm.

4,05 €

(3,35 € tax excl.)

Product Type Chemical Thermomete Solid-Stem
Graduation Colour printed scale
Graduation color Brown
Graduation ranges 1 °C
Length - Long 300 mm
Diameter 6.5 mm Ø
Thermometer Chemical thermometer rod scale
Temperature range -20°C a +150°C
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Chemical Solid-Stem Thermometer -20 °C to +150 °C

The glass rod is solid and has an internal capillary wire through which the red measuring liquid flows. The graduation is printed on the outside of the rod in brown with a yellow stripe on the back for easy reading by contrast

The yellow background facilitates the reading of the measurement.

Resistant to physical and chemical agent.

The column is alcoholic, organic liquid, mercury free.

Supplied in a protective plastic case

Ideal for use in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and health laboratories; breweries and distilleries; research centers, schools, universities and scientific institutions.

Thermometers with different temperature ranges are available as well as digital thermometers.

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