Infrared Thermometer with Laser -50°C/+280°C


Digital Infrared Thermometer with double scale laser beam, degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit: -50°C to +280°C and -58°F to +536°F.

Ergonomic and lightweight thermometer. The measurement is made by directing the gun, pointing the laser beam at the product to be measured, triggering the trigger and the temperature is displayed on the screen.
It is supplied with a carrying case to carry it to the belt.

100,43 €

(83,00 € tax excl.)

Thermometer Digital thermometer
Cambio °C / °F Si
Temperature Indoor and outdoor temperature
Temperature range -50°C a +280°C / -58°F a +536°F
Precisión 0.1°C
Relative humidity No
Maximum and minimum temperature No
Probe length Without Probe
Probe cable length Without cable
Función Hold Si
Medición en continuo No
Alarm No
Timer No
Outside Dimensions 15x8x3.5 cm
Power Supply 2 Batteries AAA 1.5V

Infrared Gun Thermometer with Laser Pointer

A measuring instrument that allows the temperature of a product to be recorded without direct or physical contact.

The LCD display with illumination button has auto-off function.

Infrared Thermometer -50+280°C/-58+536°F with laser beam
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ± 2%/2°C
Distance ratio: 12/1
Fixed Emissivity 0.95
Data Hold: maintains reading values
Light on the screen
Instructions for use in various languages: F, GB, ES, IT, P and D
Power supply 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (Included)

The laser pointer informs you in which area the measurement will be made. The measuring diameter depends on the distance between the gun and the measuring point, this is called the laser ratio.

Laser Ratio: 12/1
Distance 23 cm covers a diameter of 2 cm
Distance 48 cm covers a diameter of 4 cm
Distance 96 cm covers a diameter of 8 cm

Caution with the laser light: Check that the beam is directed correctly to the object to be measured. Do'nt use on glossy surfaces. Do'nt point the laser at the face or eyes of people or animals or at objects that may be reflected by the beam. Do'nt point at a gas or other explosive substance.

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