3x5 mm Latex Rubber Tube

100% natural yellow/orange latex rubber tube with an external diameter of 3 mm Ø, internal diameter of 5 mm Ø and a wall thickness of 1 mm.
Available tubes with different thicknesses for specific uses
Non-toxic, can be used at temperatures between -35°C to 70°C
The reference is price per 1 meter.
Product not subject to return

1,63 €

(1,35 € tax excl.)

Product Type Latex Rubber Tube
Colour Amber
Material Natural Latex Rubber
Length - Long 1 m (cut up to a maximum of 25 m)
Inner Diameter 3 mm Ø
External Diameter 5 mm Ø
Temperature range -35°C a 70°C
Food grade Si
Sale By meters

5x3mm Natural Latex Tubing

The latex tube is yellow-orange, translucent, soft, flexible, elastic and continuous (no seams or joints).

It has many applications in the sanitary, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other sectors; for example, it is used in refrigerant equipment, distillers, vacuum pumps, and laboratory equipment. It is also used in schools and for handicrafts.

It can be sterilized by steam and autoclave.

We also have in our catalogue silicone tubing for food and sanitary use.

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