Pipette for Sample of Wine


Pipette for wine

Sample extractor pipette made of glass with two holding handles for obtaining samples
Pipette 640 mm long with handles

Pipette to take samples from wine barrels or liquids tanks for control or tasting of must, wine, beer, liquors, among others.

Capacity 350 ml
Diameter 30 mm
Length 640 mm

16,21 €

(13,40 € tax excl.)

Capacity 350 ml
Colour Clear
Material Soda–Lime–Silica Glass
Application Wine and musts
Diameter 30 mm Ø
Length - Long 360 mm
Food grade Si
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Pipette to draw wine sample

Practical tool for taking samples from a vat by hand.

Wine pipette for sampling wine

The pipette is designed to be filled by immersion in a barrel of wine, barrel, tub or liquid tank. Pipette for wine tasting.

Use of the instrument:
The pointed tip of the pipette is immersed in the liquid and once filled, the sample is removed by blocking the top mouth with the finger. And to pour the sample, the top mouth blockage finguer is removed and the sample is transferred to a suitable glass.

It is not recommended to suck with mouth because it carries risks for the high volume to suck and it will also depend on the liquid to be handled.

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