Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

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This protection laboratory glasses allows to superimpose the corrective glasses. They have a ventilation system practiced in the lateral protections so that the glasses do not soften. Version without coating (UC) sterilizable. The mount is colorless and the colorless lens UC.


Economical glasses for essential protection. Light and practical, they weigh only 23 grams and are made of colourless polycarbonate. The lens is colourless and has anti-scratch protection. The temples are adjustable


Montura esencial ideal para toda clase de ajuste mediante banda elástica regulable de tejido. Lente de policarbonato. Sistema de ventilación indirecta. Permite sobreponer a las gafas correctoras. Montura: incoloro Áreas de uso: 3 4 Lente: incoloro UC


Goggles of great protection and wide visual field of blue frame. The length of the temples are adjustable which allows a better adaptation and comfort. The lens is ample and colourless.


Light glasses, comfortable and wide field of vision. The sideburns can be adjusted in inclination and length. The lens is wide, without front frame and with anti-scratch treatment. Weight 36 grams.


Visera 699 con mentonera Pantalla facial de plástico que protege cara y ojos frente a salpicaduras de líquidos o proyección de partículas Pantalla de policarbonato (PC) espesor 1 mm abatible 90°Superponible a las gafas de protección y máscaras respiratoriasCampo uso: 3

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