30 ml Glass Filter Crucible, Sintered Disc

Glass crucible with 30 ml capacity and sintered disk.
Made in EU - Czech Republic in Borosilicate 3.3 glass according to ASTM E438, TYPE 1, CLASS A

Filter porosity: available from pore grade 0 to pore grade 4.
See the pore size (µm) in the table in the technical information section.

12,10 €

(10,00 € tax excl.)

Product Type Glass filter crucible
Packaging & Containers Glass
Capacity 30 ml
Colour Clear
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Body 30x60 mm
Body Shape Cylindrical body
Bottom Form Flat bottom
Height 60 mm
Sale by Unit

Glass Filter Crucible available in 5 degrees of porosity

Glass type: Borosilicate 3.3 according to DIN 12348 - Glassco brand

Standard specification for glass in laboratory apparatus: ASTM E 438, TYPE 1, CLASS A - low-expansion borosilicate glass

The thermal resistance is significantly lower than that of standard Glassco glass, so they cannot be subjected to excessive temperatures or direct contact with flame or fire.

As far as the weight consistency of the crucible is concerned, from room temperature onwards it can be placed in a drying oven at 150°C, even though the temperature of 110°C is generally used.

The crucible can be safely heated in the drying oven to 500°C provided that the incorporation of the temperature and heating is gradual

Items with grade 4 and 5 porous plate if cold and wet should not be subjected to a sudden change in temperature as the water vapour pressure may be sufficient to break the filter.

The crucible should be turned upside down inside the furnace or sterilizer.

Filter Crucibles or Gooch Crucibles

Pore grade - Pore grade measurement
G0: 160-250 µm
G1: 90 -150 µm
G2: 40-90 µm
G3: 15-40 µm
G4: 5-15 µm

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